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You are a Teacher

a/k/a Mentor, Coach, Guide, Guru, Parent

You are a born teacher who inspires trust in all who come across your path. Your mission is to pass on wisdom and help define your students’ character. You are dedicated to the art of preserving and communicating knowledge, experience, and skills learned from the ancestors. You may operate in the mental or the spiritual realms and are regarded as a trusted guide by your followers.

Common Careers/Professions

Educators, motivational speakers, authors, media celebrities, spiritual leaders

Your Super Powers

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You are blessed with natural intelligence, and use your experience to develop insight and wisdom.  You may also possess special gifts like magic or wizardry that have been handed down through the generations. You have the capacity to cultivate trust, to engage in meaningful communication, and to inspire others to new heights.

Your Kryptonite

kryptoniteManipulative Guru Syndrome

If you take your gifts too far, you might try to manipulate your students, call yourself a “guru,” and create a cult for self-aggrandizement.  Taken to the extreme, some gurus have been known to exploit their students sexually, or even persuade them to die for the cause.

You are in good company!

Other Teachers include Booker T. Washington, Carolyn Myss, Nikole Hannah- Jones, and don Miguel Ruiz