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Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. So why wait? Sheroes’ Journeys leads retreats for like-minded women to inspirational spots around the world — places where you can recharge, think deeply, and dream boldly. And WE do all the planning, so YOU can kick back, relax, and thoroughly enjoy yourself!


If you’re a woman who’s on the verge of a new relationship with your way of being in the world — a woman who’s restless and ready for change — then join our lively Facebook group. It’s a safe and supportive place to share everything from your daily thoughts to your deepest dreams and desires.





Finally fed up and ready to shed the Superwoman syndrome? Yearning for success beyond career and family? Then join us for an extraordinary exploration. Sheroes’ Journeys offers a variety of workshops, mini-retreats, and immersion experiences to inflame your passions for the inner journey that leads to fulfillment like no other!