Super Heroine with lightning bolt

You are an Influencer

a/k/a Executive, CEO, Leader, Networker, Deal-Maker

You exude power and authority and command center stage.  You are committed to expanding your sphere of influence by forging alliances and deal-making.  You use your authority to protect those under your control and feel responsible for the well-being of others.  You are a strategist who sees leadership as a game of chess.

Common Careers/Professions

CEO in virtually any industry, political leader, motivational speaker, trainer, and TV, radio, or social media personality

Your Super Powers

Shooting Star of Visibility

Shooting starYou are a master of strategic planning, forging alliances, and public speaking. You use your visibility to empower others to pool their talents and deliver extraordinary products and services. Your sphere of influence can have massive impact on your field. You add spark to any event where you command center stage.

Your Kryptonite

kryptoniteGrandstanding Showboat Syndrome

Your need to take center stage makes it difficult for you to share power with others. Taken to its extreme, this may lead you to sacrifice your values to make sure you stay on top. Others may see you as self-absorbed and narcissistic.

You are in good company!

Other influencers include Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Rachel Maddow, and Gabriela Carrera