Super Heroine with lightning bolt

You are a Cultivator

a/k/a Nurturer, Caregiver, Healer, Rescuer

You have a passion to serve others by healing body, mind and spirit.  You have the inherent ability to inspire others in transforming pain into a healing process.  You are dedicated to caring for others in ways they cannot care for themselves.

Common Careers/Professions

Parent, holistic health provider, yoga teacher, therapist, wellness coach, nutritionist, chef

Your Super Powers

Kali's 10 armsTen Arms of Kali to Juggle Many Roles

You use the power of compassion and empathy to help others heal themselves.  You are generous with your gifts, often putting the needs of others above your  own.  You juggle many roles and do it all with grace and ease. You inherently look for the good in others and believe in the power of love to heal all wounds.

Your Kryptonite

kryptoniteBurned-Out Martyr Syndrome

You may take your generosity to extremes, sacrificing your own self-care. You like to please everyone and find it difficult to say “no.” This can lead to resentment and burn-out.

You are in good company!

Other cultivators include Michele Obama, Brene Brown, Iyanla Vanzant, and Maya Breuer