Super Heroine with lightning bolt

You are an Advocate

a/k/a Idealist, Social Activist, Environmentalist

You are a conscious agent for positive social and environmental change.  You have a passion to transform society and your mission is to come to the aid of others, especially the poor, weak and disenfranchised.  You have a strong desire to make a difference in the world, and will go to extraordinary lengths to champion the rights of others.

Common Careers/Professions

Lawyer, social worker, environmentalist, philanthropist, community organizer, journalist

Your Super Powers

Iron FistIron Fist to Break Barriers & Glass Ceilings

You are blessed with the courage and conviction to stand up for what is right in the public arena.  You have a strong sense of ethics, integrity, and commitment to your values.  You give us hope that the world really can change.  Using these super powers, you can have a profound impact on the world by creating positive social change.

Your Kryptonite

kryptoniteCritical Perfectionist Syndrome

Your idealism is a double-edged sword.  It is not always easy for yourself or others to live up to your high standards.  When you fail, you can descend into self-doubt and despair.  When others fail, you may feel angry or unappreciated.  You may also have a tendency to focus too much on your values, and not enough on the bottom line.

You are in good company!

Other Advocates include Alicia Garza, Greta Thunberg, Malala, and Sherrilyn Ifill.