Super Heroine with lightning bolt

You are a Creator

a/k/a Artist, Writer, Musician, Inventor

You love to create the extraordinary using your imagination. You may be involved in a variety of creative and scientific professions, all motivated by a common commitment to self-expression and empowerment.  You contribute to the world by creating beauty and innovation, and engaging in creative problem-solving.

Common Careers/Professions

Artist, writer, actor, musician, scientist, techno-geek, architect, designer, builder

Your Super Powers

Lightning boltLightning Bolt of Innovation & Creativity

You see the world through fresh eyes. Your passion for design and creativity contributes to the beauty in our world and brings fresh solutions to old problems. You lead us to see and experience life in new and creative ways.

Your Kryptonite

kryptoniteSelf-Destructive, Shiny Object Syndrome

You may have a love-hate relationship with money or fall into the self-destructive artist stereotype that relies on drugs and alcohol to stimulate creativity.  If you are a geek, you may have a tendency to be distracted by bright, shiny objects (such as the latest tech development).

You are in good company!

Other Creators include Langston Hughes, Ava DuVernay, Alicia Keys, and Frida Kahlo